Quinta da Vinha

Having passed through several families over the years, it was acquired in 1970 by Mr. Antonino Raul da Silva Ferreira and his wife Mrs. Jacinta Maria Moura da Silva.

Since then, Mr. Antonino and Mrs. Jacinta worked hard on the modernization of vineyards and improving the quality of wines until 2011, the year in which occurs the unexpected death of Mr. Antonino. In that moment, the sons Francisco, Godofredo and Aldina decide to continue the work of their parents and make the wines of Quinta da Vinha a quality reference based on all the knowledge passed down from parents to sons mixed with the new knowledge acquired in the meantime.

The company has invested in the cellar modernization, quality improvement of the grapes produced from typical grape varieties of the region and increase the vineyard area of currently 5 hectares which results in an annual production of 65,000 bottles of white, red and rosé wines. Taking into account the investments made, within 3 years the production capacity of Quinta da Vinha will reach 100,000 bottles.

The wines of Quinta da Vinha are sold in the market with the brand “Cesto de Pedra “, which has been around for 15 years, and the recently created brand “Guilhurro”.


of Reds

  • Cesto de Pedra Tinto Vinhão Escolha
  • Guilhurro Tinto Vinhão Escolha


of Whites

  • Cesto de Pedra Branco Escolha
  • Guilhurro Branco Escolha


of Rosés

  • Cesto de Pedra Espadeiro Escolha
  • Guilhurro Espadeiro Escolha


Quinta da Vinha

On Quinta da Vinha are planted only typical varieties of the demarcated region of Vinho Verde. The white wine is obtained from grapes of the varieties Loureiro, Arinto (Pedernã), Trajadura, Azal and Alvarinho. The red wine comes from grapes of Vinhão variety. Rosé wine is obtained from the Espadeiro variety.

As a family-oriented producer, all the cellar work at Quinta da Vinha, from the reception of grapes, pressing service, decantation, fermentation control and cellar organization is held by the family. The harvest is manual, being made by the family, including the grandchildren of Mr. Antonino and Mrs. Jacinta, which join friends and neighbors.

The new cellar is under construction with conclusion scheduled for the year 2017, including the rehabilitation of the old distillery for the production of bagaceira brandy, a product that is in the company’s plans for future commercialization in the market. With the new cellar into operation, the old cellar will be restored in order to function as a museum-space and also for holding wine tastings.



Located in the municipality of Penafiel, in the demarcated region of Vinho Verde, more specifically in the Subregion of Sousa, Quinta da Vinha is a property with over 250 years in the wine production which has always been its main activity.